Company's Overview

Bangkok Phaisarn Group of companies envisions itself being a leading textile-apparel manufacturer and exporter in Thailand. To attain our vision, our group emphasizes and prioritizes the developing and sustaining of human resources, operation administration, marketing, manufacturing, quality control-assurance, customer service, supplier-vendor partnership, as well as technology. Together with business vision. Our group also focused on safety and hygiene factors as well as occupational health at work place, social accountability, and environmental management. Our vision is to set with an aim to attain the international standards of excellence and recognition.

To be the premier manufacturer and related-service provider of textile and apparel products by continuous betterment on existing resources/ processes and their respective utilization; in a most systematic manufacturing environment: thereby, aiming towards the attainment of products’ punctuality, quality, consistency, at an economical cost. Most crucially, we capitalise on continual training and development of human resources and their values to the creation of an innovative, proactive work culture; a requirement to fulfill customer satisfaction; hence, ensuring maximum return to and responsibility for the society and the environment. 

Core Value
Accountability : Must be seriously accountable for our duty performance while strictly adhere to the company’s rules and regulations with sense of ownership, high quality, low cost and on time delivery.
Teamwork :  Must work as a team with full participation and involvement by having unity, sharing knowledge and extending help: to achieve a long term commitment.
Customer service :  Must provide services to our customers with “right at the first time” by having interactive communication, high flexibility, and quick response to meet the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Companies in the Group

Textile and Apparel Section

Bangkok Phaisarn Textile Industry Co., Ltd

Apparel Section

Bangkok Phaisarn Inter Garment Co., Ltd
Bangkok Phaisarn (LAOS) Clothing Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Bangkok Thanakarn Textile Ltd,. Part
Bangkok Thanakarn Kniting Factory Ltd., Part

Trading Section

Augustino International Commercial Co., Ltd

Celestra International Commercial Co., Ltd

Corporate strategies and policies   

Marketing policy

Our philosophy is to create a goal whose sole focus revolves around solving our client’s challenges; eliminating their barriers to success; working as a partner that they can count on; always being an organization with solid clients’s “come first” orientation. We will understand their expectations and improve on them. We will demonstrate our honest relationship since we exist to serve them. Our aim is to provide our customers with:
        - An outstanding service
     - A product with unique quality
        - Highly competitive prices

The marketing team at BP Group handles every commitment with our clients with utmost care; sparking enthusiasm to serve better than best, which is evident by the large number of clients we are proud to process with. We always will rely on an excellent product with a high competitive price, ensuring excellent customer satisfaction in serving them. We also make a fundamental commitment to maintain a close customer focus and to use every available company resource to meet our customer needs. We exist to serve them.

Quality Policy 

If variety is the spice of life, quality is the essence of the modern societies. Through the ages, man's quest for quality has inspired him to end. “Quality Leads” flavor in our existence; it also defines our business philosophy.

In trust in quality, fashion improvement in products and excellency in customer service, we focus on constant research & development by our dedicated and devoted team work in the term of quality control in each and every step of the process, from finest yarn to products in the result of an achievement of high quality fabric & garments. We carefully select price combination of the best machinery, product, raw materials and management. Maintaining high standards of quality is the prime goal of our management.

Quality is checked in every level of manufacturing process. Our QC’s are responsible for regular inline conduct (during production), pre-shipment inspection to check the goods, and issuance of inspection certificate of satisfactory quality.

Human Resources Policy
BKP is committed and dedicated to developing its human resources through training and the promotion of various activities for all levels of employees.

It’s a matter of pride for all of us that all activities conducted by the human resources team have helped us develop our employees’ a sense of belongings towards the organization, teamwork area improvement, and self-management skills. Working as a team has been our element of success. Our aim is seeking towards minimizing the turn over rate in manpower; developing a sense of mentality of being a partner rather than being an employee of the organization.

Production Policy
At BP group, every problem on the production line is treated as opportunity to improve our performance. Our commercial and quality teams are committed to “Excellence through Best Resources Management”. High productivity in production, strict control on our on time delivery have been the key to success. We also highly emphasize in a product with high and consistent quality; thereby, succeeding to gain confidence of our valuable customer base consistently. Efficiency and productivity are to be closely monitored via our emphasis on the “Industrial Engineering” and “Logistical Implementation” for the attainment of on-time targeted production and cost reduction.